Well something about me:

1.Name: Maria
2.Nickname: Martinica
3.ICQ: 153949613
4.Date of birthday: 5.X.1979
5.Zodiac: Libra
6.My home: Russia
7.Birthplace: Russia
8.Height: 165 cm/ 5 foot 4 inches
9.Eyes color: hazel
10.Hair color: dark brown
11.Favorite sport: swimming
12.Favorite singer: Shane Filan (Westlife), Garou
13.Favorite song: I cry (Westlife), I cry instead (Beatles), Pour l''amour d''une femme (Garou).
14.Favorite writer: Paolo Coelho
15.Favorite movie: no
16.Favorite actor: George Clooney
17.Favorite actress: Michael Pfifer, Gvinet Peltroy, Meg Raian 18.Favorite place: Ireland, France
19.Ideal of man: romantic, balanced, generous,
20.Favorite color: deep blue
21.Favorite flower: lily of the valley
22.Favorite perfume: Guccimans, Davodoff cool waterwomens 23.What I like to do: sleep, riding, paint
24.Dont like: feel angry
25.Hobby: parties, meeting with friends, painting
26.Favorite dish: ice-cream
27.About me:I like to enjoy life
28.Pets: 2 cats
29.The rule of life: Do not expect the world to look bright, if you habitually wear gray-brown glasses.Eliot

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